Learn Martial Arts in Burton for Self Defence

Self Defence Classes in Burton on Trent

Many people come to our martial arts school to learn self defence techniques and to help them gain confidence. Learning martial arts certainly helps with both of those things but even if  you've never done martial arts you can take steps to ensure your safety.


Here are our Top Ten Tips to help you build safety into your daily routine

1. Act Confidently

Shy, nervous people look like easy targets to prospective attackers. Make your body language assertive and positive: pull your shoulders back and stride out as you walk. We have a saying which goes ‘fake it till you make it’. That means pretend you’re confident even if you are frightened. Confident kids at school are rarely bullied. Potential attackers will choose their victims based on how easy a target they look, so look strong. Learning martial arts will give you confidence even after just one or two lessons.  Contact us now to book your free trial lesson.

2. Be Alert To Danger

You can be attacked at any time especially if you are day dreaming or distracted. Chances are, your attacker will have been observing you for some time prior to the attack and will have been waiting for the right moment.  Learning martial arts will help prepare you to deal with surprise attacks and equip you with the knowledge of what to do.  Contact us now to find out how we can help you

3. Avoid Shortcuts

Avoid dark streets, parks, woods and any where that your common sense tells you could be dangerous. It’s worth taking the long way home if it keeps you safe. Stay in open well populated areas in the lightest part of an area. If you are walking down a quiet street, walk on the road while looking and listening for cars. By walking as far away from the dark edges of a street as possible you make any potential attacker travel a greater distance to get to you and therefore gives you more time to react and protect yourself. Contact us now to find out how to protect yourself from a street attack.

4. If Possible, Stay With The Group

Staying in a group of people that you know and trust is the best way to get home safely. You are much safer in a group than you are alone, so even if it takes you out of your way a little, stay with the crowd. Make sure the most vulnerable people in your group get home first.  Contact us to find out how martial arts will help you defend yourself if you ever get into a difficult situation.

5. Plan Your Routes In Advance

If you are travelling alone, always let someone know what route you will be taking and what time you expect to arrive. Call them before you set off so that they know you are on your way then, if you are later than expected, they will know to take action if you don't arrive when expected.  Of course, if you are delayed on route, do let someone know immediately.  Getting attack is relatively rare, but it does happen.  Contact us now to find out how martial arts can help with self defence.

6. Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Keep your valuables such as jewellery, cash, mobile phones and laptops out of sight. Opportunists thieves will take any chance they get to rob you of these items and they may be violent. The general advice is to give up your valuables rather than fight to keep them especially if the attacker is armed.  If your attacker is after more than just your valuables, you need to know how to fight back and escape.  Contact us now, we can help you learn essential self defence techniques.

7. Carry Valuables Away From The Road

If the road is on your right hand side carry your bag or case on your left. Sometimes thieves will drive up beside you on motorcycles with an accomplice on the back who will snatch your bag as they drive past. If your bag is snatched then let it go. Obviously this is a judgement call but you could easily be dragged into oncoming traffic if you try to keep hold of it. Your personal safety is more important than your cash so do the wise thing and let the bag go.

8. Carry a Personal Attack Alarm

Personal attack alarms only cost a few pounds and they are a very effective deterrent against attackers as they make a very loud noise when activated. For obvious reasons, personal alarms should be carried in your hand when you are in vulnerable situations.  If you are concerned about being attacked in the street, or even in your own home, contact us to find out more about how learning martial arts can help you to defend yourself.

9. Beware Of New Found Friends

When you are out on the town and maybe having a drink or two it’s easy to let your guard down. Alcohol reduces your inhibitions making it more likely you will put yourself in danger. If you meet a new friend by all means exchange numbers, but be very careful about separating from your own friends and going off alone. Not everyone can be trusted and some people will be actively targeting you for robbery or worse. Stay with people you know. Don’t go off with strangers and never go alone into their car or home when you are alone. If you've ever found yourself in a threatening situation and wish you'd known how to handle it, contact us for more information about martial arts and self defence.

10. Watch Your Drink

Some people steal drinks in nightclubs and although that’s annoying, its not dangerous. But some people will target you and ‘doctor’ your drink with drugs and other chemicals to get you into a position where they can take advantage of you. Keep your drink with you, don’t put it down where you can’t see it and if you have to leave it to go to the loo or something then hand it to a friend to look after until you get back.

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We hope you found our tips informative and useful. While you don't need to be a martial arts master to look after yourself on the street, some training certainly helps. Take action now to learn some self defence techniques that could help you to save your life.