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Kickboxing Classes Burton - What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the more modern martial arts which started in the late 1950’s but became really popular in the late 1980’s to early 90’s.


Kickboxing is a sport which combines the kicks from martial arts with the punches from boxing.


Kickboxing is also known as karate boxing or full contact karate both of which are clues to the origin of the sport. 

In the later part of the the 1950’s some karate experts organised bouts against Thai boxers where they learned some new moves and incorporated full contact in to their own practice and kickboxing was born.


Kickboxing is excellent for achieving and maintaining fitness and when you consider you can burn up to 900 calories an hour, its great for weight loss too.


Kickboxing has many benefits including the improvement of balance, co-ordination, flexibility and confidence. Of course it’s great if self-defense is ever a requirement.


If you are interested in starting kickboxing training, we have all the basic equipment on hand here at the academy for beginner level. There will not be any expensive initial outlay.  Only when more advanced levels are attained will there be any need to buy your own kit.


Martial Arts Burton runs classes 5 days a week, including weekends, so why not contact us to find out which of our classes will suit your requirements and schedule. 

Kickboxing Class Burton Schedule


Kickboxing class times vary according to the age and ability of the student.


Please contact us to find out which of our kickboxing class times would suit you best.

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"Martial Arts has changed my life completely. It has made me more confident and has given me motivation to make changes. It has also given me a chance to help other people"

Martial Arts Burton Student

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