Karate Classes in Burton on Trent

Karate Classes Burton - What is Karate?

Karate is a traditional martial art with its origins in Japan and could be described as managing attacks through evasive body movements or blocking then countering with kicks, strikes or punches.


Takedowns, joint locks and restraints are taught and used but to a much lesser extent than in other martial arts such as Ju Jitsu.


There are many different styles of Karate, here at the Jon Jepson Black Belt Academy, we teach the Wado-Ryu style.


Karate is widely practiced as sport as an alternative to  the more traditional choices such as cricket, football or  hockey.  It’s not only a great way to get and stay fit, but Karate is also great for improving mental focus and concentration.  It is sometimes referred to as a physical form of meditation and is very beneficial for stress relief.


Martial Arts Burton runs classes 5 days a week, including weekends, so why not contact us to find out which of our classes will suit your requirements and schedule. 

Karate Class Burton Schedule


Karate class times vary according to the age and ability of the student.


Please contact us to find out which of our karate class times would suit you best.

karate classes burton on tret
karate classes burton

"Since my children started karate their confidence has grown.  They have also made new friends, have more energy and are more active."

Parent of a Junior Karate Student

karate classes burton