Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Parents often express concern that if their child enrols for martial arts classes that they will become violent and unruly, maybe more so than they are already.  The truth is martial art classes benefits children in so many ways. Here are ten of the most common benefits and lessons your child will learn.

Learning to Apply Self-Discipline

In direct contrast to many parents beliefs, learning martial arts does not result in an aggressive child who seeks out conflict, but instead instills a focus on self-discipline.  The child is taught that physical contact is a last resort and comes after non-violent conflict resolution has been tried, or in a self-defence situation.

Developing Socialisation Skills

The martial arts learning environment is highly conducive to getting to know people and make new friends. Martial arts training almost always involves pairing up for training and practicing sparring moves. Good instructors, like the ones we have at the Jon Jepson Black Belt academy, always make sure that students pair up with different partners to encourage a greater degree of social interaction.


Encouraging Physical Activity

Martial Arts is a physical activity but not only will your child be active during their lessons, there is plenty of practice for them to do in between time. If they really enjoy their martial arts classes, you won't be able to stop them doing their moves and showing you what exercises the instructors showed them to get fit and flexible.

Learning to Set and Achieve Goals

Almost all of the martial arts have a reward and progress system of different coloured belts that show the student's level of skill they have achieved. Your child will want to progress through the ranks and will automatically start thinking in terms of setting and achieving goals. They will not want to be left behind.

Increased Self-Esteem

Achievement means confidence and with confidence comes self-esteem. With every new move that is learned and each new colour belt that is tied around the waist, your child will grow in confidence and any sense of low self worth will disappear. 

Instilling a Sense of Respect

Respect towards martial arts instructors and the dojo in which the martial arts are performed is instilled in every class.  If a child struggles to show respect for authority or parents this more often than not improves after a just a few martial arts classes.


Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Martial arts, contrary to popular belief, is about attempting to resolve conflicts in a non-violent way. It's really only in the movies that the hero pulls a few fancy moves and decks a whole room full of bad guys.  Martial arts teaches the importance of avoiding a physical altercation but prepares the student to defend themselves if it's unavoidable.


Improving Listening Skills

Your child will have no choice but to listen and observe what is being taught in the martial arts arena if they want to progress.  Our instructors engage students in one-on-one and group work delivering verbal instruction that has to be followed.  


Developing Teamwork Skills

Teamwork is a vital component in the martial arts dojo and your child will quickly learn how to interact and co-operate with other students. Your child will learn that working together with their classmates and instructors will lead to faster accomplishment of goals.


Improvement in Other Areas of Life

The benefits of martial arts training don’t end in the dojo. The boost in confidence, increased fitness level and new cooperation skills will also help your child navigate the academic and social aspects of school, affect his behaviour at home and have an all-around good influence on him as he develops into an adult.

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You can get your child started on a martial arts training program at our school from the age of 3. Take advantage of our free introductory session, come along, meet the team, see our facilities and ask questions.  This could be the best thing you ever do for your child.