How to Find Our Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts Academy in Burton

Our martial arts school is conveniently located in Burton town centre. We are on the second floor of Brittania House, which is the tall building opposite Sainsbury's. The estate agent, Burchell Edwards is on the ground floor.  To gain access to our martial arts academy, enter the building through a set of doors to the right of Burchell Edwards office.  On your right, you will see a lift and ahead of you some stairs.  If you take the lift, go to the 2nd floor. When you exit the lift, the entrance doors to our academy are straight ahead.  If you take the stairs, keep going up until you reach the top. Look around to the left and you will see the entry doors to the academy.  The doors are not locked when the school is open, so come in.  


Where to Park for Your Martial Arts Classes


There is a large car park adjacent to Britannia House and another one at Sainsbury's.  Both of them are free to park after 3pm but you do still need to get a ticket from the machine.  The parking ticket machines are easy to operate. They require you to enter the two digits from your vehicle registration number.  Once you have done that, press the green button and wait for your ticket.  If you are parking before 3pm, there will be a charge so enter the appropriate amount after you enter your registration numbers and before you press the button to get the ticket.  Since majority of our martial arts classes are held after 3pm parking will be free for those sessions.

"Learning martial arts at JJBBA has helped with my concentration span, fitness, attitude and anger management. I feel more confident in my ability to protect myself in a threatening situation"

JJBBA student

Martial Arts Burton

2nd Floor Britannia House

Union Street

Burton on Trent

DE14 1AX

(Opposite Sainsbury's)

Tel: 01283 500202

Opening Times:

Mon - Thur from 5pm until 8pm

Saturday  from 10am until  1pm

We are closed on Fridays and Sundays

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