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Welcome to our members only area where you will find videos demonstrating the katas in the style we teach at our academy. These will help you with your training in between classes. You can also download and print our information sheets on each of the Katas if you prefer. If you are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to ask one of our instructors at your next class.

Pinan Nidan

Demonstrated by [insert name] at Martial Arts Burton

Pinan Nidan is officially the second of the five Pinan Katas, but because it has less moves and is easier to learn from a beginners point of view, it is most commonly the first kata you will learn in karate. 

Pinan Shodan

Demonstrated by [insert name] at Martial Arts Burton

Pinan Shodan is officially the first of the five Pinan Katas, but as in most Wado-Ryu syllabuses this is usually the second Kata you will be shown. 

Pinan Sandan

Demonstrated by [insert name] at Martial Arts Burton

Pinan Sandan is the third of the five Pinan Katas. This Kata introduces a number of new techniques, including double forearm block and elbow block. 

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